Connecting With The Core Intelligence Within You

We begin our journey of discovery by connecting with the core Intelligence of the universe that resides within us. Through a process of self-inquiry and inner dialogue, we will discover answers to these questions “Who am I?”and “What is my purpose?”. The intention is to be still, to listen and to be open to the many avenues through which those answers may come, whether internally, externally, and/or through circumstances and synchronicities, as we discover ever-deeper aspects of ourselves and our potential.


09:30  The Meaning of Life - Sanjeev Bhanot


10:45   Creating a Balanced Life through the 4 Purusharthas -  Sanjeev Bhanot

13:30   Connecting with Your Inner Voice - Beth Linguri & Carmen de Haan


14:45   Do We Have a Pre-determined Life - Daniela Norris


Discover Your Passion and Purpose

We begin to go deeper as we develop personal tools and practices that will enhance our understanding of our individual expression of purpose.  We will explore our values, and the obstacles that impact the choices that we make. We will look at the inter-relationship of passion and purpose, and what it means to be authentic and align with true purpose.

09:30  Discovering Your Passion and Purpose - Dr Petra Weldes


10:45   Your Personal Symbols - Denise Nickerson


14:00   Authenticity and Purpose - Mironel de Wilde


Reveal Your Purpose and Take Inspired Action

Finally, we able to perceive our own inner truth and awareness of who we are and what we are here to do. We learn how to tap into our creative power and allow the Universe to manifest our desire. This experience will call us to action in the world and to share our gifts with greater clarity, authenticity, true purpose and generosity.

09:30  What’s is Your Yes - Laura Topper


10:45    Discover what sparks you - Dr. Petra Weldes


13:30    The Power of Manifestation - Coldrey Blake