Key Speakers


Rev. Beth Linguri 

Beth is an ordained minister, educator, psychologist and metaphysician and currently serves as the Spiritual Director of the Center for Spiritual Living Geneva. She facilitates workshops on meditation and creative process in addition to her role as leader of the weekly Sacred Circle, Meditation in Community.

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Dr. Jim Lockard


Twitter: @JimLockard



Jim is an ordained minister, teacher, speaker, author, blogger, coach, consultant and thought leader. Raised in Baltimore, Maryland, he is currently living in Lyon, France with his wife, Dorianne Cotter-Lockard, PhD. They are frequent presenters at international conferences in the spiritual, business, and academic fields. For twenty years, Jim served as a Spiritual Leader in the Centers for Spiritual Living in California, Florida, and Maryland.

As an author, he has written:

  • His newest book, CREATING THE BELOVED COMMUNITY: A Handbook for Spiritual Leadership, Oneness Books (2017), is available from and other sellers.

  • SACRED THINKING - Awakening to Your Inner Power, Oneness Books (2010), is available in paperback and electronic editions.

  • A chapter author for Spiritual Guidance Across Religions – A Sourcebook for Spiritual Directors and Other Professionals, Editor: Rev. John R. Mabry, Ph.D., Starlight Path Publishers (2014).

  • A chapter author for INNOVATIVE DEVELOPMENT: Emerging Worldviews and System Change, Editor: Tom Christiansen, Integral Publishers (2015).

  • His blog, New Thought Evolutionary, is very popular in New Thought circles and beyond. He is also a regular blogger for AGNT, the Association of Global New Thought. 

  • Jim served on the Board of Directors of International Centers for Spiritual Living from 2003 to 2012. He has been on the Advisory Board of the Association for Global New Thought (AGNT) since 2005. He is a certified presenter and coach of the Spiral Dynamics™ Model, Theory U™, The Q Process™, Edgewalkers™, and the SQ21™ Spiritual Intelligence coaching programs.


Lisa Ferraro

Internationally celebrated singer and songwriter, speaker, retreat facilitator, music director & Personal Growth and Empowerment  Coach, Lisa Ferraro brings her broad experience, talent and humour to awakening humanity through a consciousness of love and oneness.  A masterful orchestrator of energy and consciousness, her teaching style is engaging and heart opening.

Lisa is a Spiritual mentor and coaches individuals, executives and teams on Mindfulness & Meditation.

Graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Child Psychology from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA, Lisa combined her passion for spirituality with psychology. In 1999 she founded SoulCall, a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of foster children and at-risk youth.

In 2007 Lisa Ferraro and Erika Luckett began a musical collaboration that launched the Sonic Nourishment (TM) brand of music, which has transformed the lives of audiences across the globe.

Lisa is Co-Director of The Circle of Love Gathering (alongside Dr. David Leonard) and facilitates retreats, conferences, and workshops on Self Mastery Through Creativity.

Learn more about Lisa and the music of Lisa and Erika at


Workshop Leaders

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Ulrike Bergman

Ulrike Bergman comes to us from Germany where she lives and works. Ulrike left the corporate world at age 40 and moved to Seattle/WA. There she became acquainted with Science of Mind and its practical applications. After her return to Germany she integrated spiritual principles into her business as a coach, consultant and writer. In her work she encourages people to follow their dreams, shows them how to find their individual path and follow it with ease.

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Lin & David Serlin

Lin and David Serlin come from the UK and are leaders and practitioners of Science of Mind there. They conceived, organised and hosted the first ever Science Of Mind Conference in the UK in 2007 and a follow up in 2009. Lin is a psychologist, nutritionist and intuitive colour therapist and has just published her first anthology of purposeful poems; Shine on. David is a qualified teacher of Positive Thinking, an experienced Healer, author of "Highway To Healing"; and is currently working on his second book. Lin and David enjoy working together as a team to express their passion and commitment to New Thought; Universal Spiritual Principles.

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Katharina Mohr

Katharina Mohr lives nearby in Gland and is the creator of Serving Life and passionate about bringing nature’s wisdom into modern-day society. By guiding people through their own authentic experiences, she empowers them to transform their lives and businesses - be it to explore the depths of one’s being, or to shape multi-national organisations. As an absolutely free spirit, she explores consciousness, the power of life and the potential of being human beyond preconceived ideas, beliefs or life choices.

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Erik Zoetewij

Trauma Releasing Exercises 

Erik is an advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner with AAMET, a practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and  IET (Integrative Energy Techniques) and has done  training in Provocative Energy Techniques and Picture Tapping Technique, and is also a TRE provider. Through his work with EFT he discovered TRE and  has found the two complement each other brilliantly. Since he started TRE in 2012, he has found it very relaxing and over time has become physically much suppler and noticed that things that used to worry him no longer do. As his personal journey continues, he is passionate about helping people improve the quality of their life and attaches great importance to meeting clients where they are right now. He is based near Geneva, Switzerland.

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Alev Soysal Gurzumar


Breathwork as a Tool for Embracing Change

Alev Soysal Gurzumar completed the personal and facilitator training programs with the founder of Transformational BreathTM technique Dr Judith Karvitz in 2010. She became a certified trainer in 2015. Alev gives private and group sessions and regularly leads training and workshops in Switzerland. Her mission is to inspire and empower others in their journey of self-realization, with the guidance and wisdom of their own breath.

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Kerstin Halt


Kerstin Halt lives in Berlin and is a Bodydialog® life coach with her own well respected practice. As a child, Kerstin had a movement disability and experienced trauma. She learned at an early age what it means to be identified by your body. Through her work as actress and dancer, she learned to express herself and better understand, feel and experience her body. As trainer and coach, she further strengthened her abilities in working with individuals and groups. In 2008 she established her Body Dialogue method and has since been active in developing her technique further by incorporating aspects of body/mind therapies to bring her clients a better self-awareness and well-being. She works in Switzerland and Germany as trainer and coach giving private sessions, seminars and workshops. In the fall of 2019 she will offer a training program in her Bodydialog® Methode.

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Erica Brown


Mountains Into Molehills
Erica Brown comes from Bournemouth in the UK and has a lifelong involvement with alternative / complementary therapies (several to practitioner & teacher status), connection with Science of Mind since 1975 (including first teaching license in 1992), and a minister of Divine Metaphysic since 1997, Erica currently co-facilitates the Highcliffe Positive Living Group near Bournemouth and delivers Mindfulness sessions in local hospitals among many activities in the area.

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Karen Tse


The Heroes Journey
Karen Tse founded International Bridges to Justice (IBJ) in 2000. An international human rights lawyer, ordained minister and former San Francisco public defender, Karen first developed her interest in the nexus of criminal law and human rights in 1986, after witnessing Southeast Asian refugees detained in a local prison without trial. In 1994, she moved to Cambodia to train the country’s first core group of public defenders and subsequently served as a United Nations Judicial Mentor. Karen formed IBJ after witnessing hundreds of prisoners of all ages being held without trials, usually after being tortured into making "confessions". IBJ is creating the conditions for a “new normal in justice” in which citizens will have access to justice and ending the use of torture as an investigative tool. IBJ now has a presence in 48 countries. 

To learn more about Karen’s work and International Bridges to Justice, please watch her TEDTalk :