Gifting Projects

Sharing our abundance through the joy of giving. It is the nature of Spirit to give. Giving and receiving are at the center of our being. The principle of Divine Circulation is that when we give, we also receive.

Life is ever giving of Itself; we must receive, utilize and extend the gift.

The projects listed below are heart-centered and transparent endeavors to help make this a world that works for everyone. Create a spiritual chain reaction of giving and receiving by donating to any of the following:

Project of the Year 2021: La Lumière - Garden of Bliss

Donate to Garden of Bliss using the following Paypal donation button:

Name of the Project:

La Lumière - Garden of Bliss is the name of the project. The project was born in Geneva, Switzerland hence the French name La Lumière which means The Light.


Mission Statement:

To promote healthy eating habits by providing fresh organic produce to local supermarkets and offering educational programs on nutrition and cooking.



We see the garden expanding to others parts of the country.


Brief Description of the Project:

The garden will provide educational space and people will come for workshops and have hands on experience in preparing their own food. They will come and learn how to grow, prepare, cook, and preserve food based on permaculture ethics, that is earth care and people care. We do not use fertilizers instead we use vermicompost. This is the process which uses worms to convert organic material into humus. We have planted sweetcorn, watermelons, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, sunflower and oyster mushrooms. More crops will be added as the garden expands.


Next Project Steps:

A cold room where we can store our produce and pack it, ready to be delivered to our local markets.