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CSL Geneva Global Connection: Reawakening to the Healing Flow of Life

August 12th - 14th, 2022

3pm - 6pm CET / 9am - 12 noon EST

Next year’s theme will be a reawakening to the healing flow of life that will be offered in three parts.

In Part I on Saturday, Rev. David Ault will lead us through reawakening and realigning.


Continuing this process in Part II on Sunday, we will activate this healing flow through spiritual practice led by international ministers in Region 12.

Part III will be optional experiential workshops led by these ministers.

  • Opening and introduction by Rev. Beth Linguri, Switzerland.

  • Presentation by Lead Speaker Rev. David Ault.

  • Transition into live breakout rooms for Sacred Circle. 

  • Music and final presentation by Rev. David Ault.

  • Closing prayer.

PART I on Saturday:  Reawakening and Realigning
PART II on Sunday:  Activating the healing flow through live spiritual practice with international Ministers (TBA)
PART III:  Optional experiential workshops in Region 12

Our CSL Geneva Global Connection will be hosted on a virtual event platform called StreamYard and is managed by Rev. Robert Brzezinski’s New Thought Media Network.  Our abundant blessings to him and his team.


Registration fee includes access to the program and a recording of the sessions will be available to view for 30 days after the event.


Registration Fee: Suggested donation of € 50/$ 60/CHF 55

Grateful appreciation for your support of our center.