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Our world is changing fast, bringing massive and complex challenges to all humans. Each of us must find our way forward by developing inner qualities of compassion, strength, and wisdom to take us beyond coping to Thriving! You will learn how to Live Creatively, Joyfully, and Freely as the themes of Days 1-3 are brought forth in presentations and workshops. Day 4 features a Global Connection theme with presentations by our international centers and spiritual communities. There will be a mix of live and pre-recorded sessions and activities; live sessions will also be recorded and made available for later viewing. You will have access to everything – no matter what time you are available.

“We are living in a Star Wars civilization with Stone Age emotions, medieval institutions and Godlike technology.” ~ E. O. Wilson, Biologist

This year’s virtual conference brings Global New Thought teachers and students together to build upon the journey we began at our 2019 retreat, “Embracing Change.” Now, we will focus on strengthening our spiritual armour by realizing our inner power; and bringing that power forth with deep compassion. We move toward mastery of our mental and emotional selves so that we might truly Thrive!

Over four days of learning, listening, participating, and music, we will create together an incubator of empowering spiritual realization. Each session will be opened by a presentation from a CSL spiritual leader in a different country, followed by our keynote speakers, Rev. Dr. Jim Lockard and Lisa Ferraro, accompanied by the inspirational music of SeekHer7. Workshops on emotional intelligence taught by Dorianne Cotter-Lockard, Ph.D., will be featured during days 1-3, to provide attendees with the tools to master emotional power for greater creativity. Presentations by many of the Centers for Spiritual Living spiritual communities of Europe, Africa, and Asia will be woven into the conference, with day 4 featuring our global connections with the Science of Mind.

"We believe that when the human mind, individually and collectively, needs a new truth, out of the necessity of the desire comes the truth it needs. Everything we know in philosophy and science proves it. Out of the desire for a greater good come ways and means for creating the greater good; and if every person made a demand upon Intelligence for the solution to the present world problems, through the minds of those people who are our national leaders would come an adequate and happy solution. That is in line with what we know about the way Life works"  - Ernest Holmes

Day One: Featuring Switzerland the UK - Living Creatively - Using our creative powers to create a world that works for everyone!
Day Two: Featuring the Netherlands - Living Joyfully – Discovering ways to activate our passion so that our lives have meaning and purpose!

Day Three: Featuring the Ukraine - Living Freely – Learning to thrive in your life from a sense of true inner joy!

Day Four: Featuring Africa and Other International Centres - Living in Global Connection! A musical finale as we weave everything together with all the participating countries!

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“I was so pleased and honoured to be invited to be a presenter at the Geneva Summer Retreat at the Château de Bossey several years ago. The grounds are beyond description and the quality of the accommodations and food are wonderful as well. One of the things I enjoyed most about my time there was the fact that the programming is thoughtfully put together, leaving “breathing room” between events and presentations. AND, the presenters and teachers themselves are all brilliant in their own right."

Dennis Merritt Jones

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